You are warmly welcome to the opening of our Journey-exhibition on Saturday 9.7.2016, 4-8 pm!

Collective exhibition done by the artists and asylum seeker artists and produced by Turvapaikanhakijoiden tuki ry (Support For Asylum Seekers) will be the culmination of the ART-TU project started in March 2016. Exhibition will be shown at The Cable Factory's spaces PURISTAMO and VALSSAAMO 9.7.-24.7.2016.

Artists aboard: Ahmed Alalousi, Ali Alfahad, Muhaned Durubi, Catharina Gröndahl, Jani Hietanen, Heidi Elisabeth Hänninen, Susanna Iivanainen, Emmu Johansson, Pauliina Jokela, Satu Kalliokuusi, Liisa Kuusela, Jukka Kääriäinen, Sami Meshaal, Muhammed, Anu Nirkko, Artturi Nokelainen, Noora Nouku, Jamal Novelty, Pia Pecjic, Maarit Rantala, Hodhayfa Salih, Anni Terävä ja Pauliina Waris.

The art in the exhibition is as multiformed as the bunch of its artists: there will be  photography-, video- and soundart, paintings, sculptures and collaborative multidisciplinary installation done by the artists. The artworks are wrapped to each other by the common theme JOYRNEY/MATKA, decided together with the artists. They have understood the theme as both mental and physical journey, to somewhere and to themselves. Many who have come from Middle-East have done a concrete trip to the soil of Finland, but in the same time to another culture and with the members of other culture. The artworks in the exhibition are bringing up thoughts about the distance between the cultures, rasicm, war and prejudices in relation to the history and present time, but also about the humanity and love crossing the cultural gaps and challenges.

Exhibition invites also the audience to this journey with us and to get to know its travellers better.

All the stories in the exhibition are personal and we hope them to help to understand people as individuals over the refugee-concept.


Along with the exhibition there will be Iraqian cafe, workshops, open discussions and possibilities for meeting the artists.


JOURNEY-exhibition is open at the spaces Puristamo and Valssaamo
in The Cable Factory on Tuesday-Sunday 9.7. - 24.7.2016, 12-8 pm (closed on Mondays).


WELCOME TO THE OPENING ON  9.7.2016 4-8 pm!